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Big Dik Factory serves up the movies of Toby Ross, a landmark gay porn director who not only created influential gay porn in the '70s and '80s, but makes more modern porn videos (including an all-male homage to James Bond), many of which are available in this site. Mr. Ross has won multiple awards for his porn, and has also made some mainstream movies, including Bowser Makes a Movie. And btw, fans of Justin Slater will be happy to find him here, as well.

The videos here not only offer twinks, jocks, average guys and daddies and movies from the '70s to now, but many are feature films with an "art house" feel to them. Expect gritty reality, guys cruising or picked up in alleys, sucking cock in anonymous motel-like locations, doing an interview with a seedy porn scout and being groped. In other videos you can expect romance, comedy or even surrealism. Many of these are not linear porn videos that switch from one complete scene to another - these are movies that make you think as well as showing guys sucking cock and fucking ass.

Big Dik Factory offers approximately 50 videos and 40 galleries. The latest update was added today, and is dated on the tour, but I'm not sure about update frequency or schedules, so we'll check back in a month. The videos here are broken into different sections. There's the Dangerous Sex section, where you'll find things like street hustlers and serial rapists. Sexy Comedies speaks for itself, as does the Romance section. Hot Action XXX is where the videos have more sex and less plot, and you'll find classic porn in the Nostalgia section. There are a couple other interesting sections, as well, and we'll go into them shortly.

The videos here are DRM-free, and are offered in QuickTime, MP4 and WMV - some are also offered in 3GP, but the MP4s are your best bet if you want to watch on a mobile like an iPhone or iPod. Video sizes vary from 320x240 to 512x384, and quality varies, partly depending on when the videos were shot. The recently shot videos look pretty good, the ones shot in the '70s and '80s were shot on film, so expect them to be lower quality. That being said, while they're offered at smaller sizes, they look better than a lot of classic porn I've seen. Some videos can be downloaded in QuickTime and MP4, but only streamed in WMV format.

Some of the Big Dik Factory videos are broken into what would be scenes if the movies were shot that way. A lot of these were feature films that move back and forth between scenes, so while some are broken into parts of about 20 minutes each, your best best is to download all videos for a particular title and watch them 1 after another.

The pics here are mostly on the smaller side, sized at around 263x350. They mostly look pretty good, but keep in mind that many were shot on film, not digitally. Beside the regular galleries, there are a few listings on the bottom of the nostalgia page that not only show off the guys and the action well, but are offered in a very nice little gallery set-up.

Now let's get to those other sections. One is called "Hot Farts", and does indeed some clips of farting. Whether you find them hot depends on you. The stories section has 1 story so far, added just a few days ago and written by Toby Ross. Podcasts offers 12 short videos sized for mobiles, and there's the documentary section featuring a backstage look at porn shoots and also a cool clip called "How To Produce Your Own Porn".

Something I really like is the blog. It's on the tour, not in the member area, but be sure and check it out. It tells about the making of each video; it discloses the budget for each of their DVDs, as well as a little information about it from the director, Toby Ross. You can learn a lot about the videos. One of the scenes in Moon Over Hong Kong had to be re-shot from scratch, which doubled the budget, and another was inspired by a classic indie film from 1997. Good stuff, especially for those interested in the gay porn industry.

And for those who like their extras, BIg Dik Factory also offers a third-party bonus site. This is Citi Boyz, where you'll find 67 streaming multi-scene DVD titles featuring horny twinks and jocks, surfer boys and skaters sucking, fucking and stroking. This site updates 3 to 4 times a month, so it should help keep members busy.

I didn't find any real issues here, although I would like to see dates on more of the updates. That being said, navigation can seem more challenging than it actually is, and I do wish the videos were bigger. Since the site also includes links to their DVD store, I can see why they don't, but I think some members would happily pay more for bigger downloads.

Big Dik Factory delivers hot classic porn and sexy modern porn from Toby Ross, a director who helped bring porn from seedy loops to movies with stars and plots. There's variety from dark crime and seedy alley sex to erotic comedies, romance and classics from the '70s. There are at least 50 videos here - possibly more - that are downloadable and DRM-free, plus galleries of pics and a fabulous behind the scenes porn blog. I found this site refreshing and unique; almost nothing here reminds me of most porn sites. I enjoyed exploring Big Dik Factory and plan to revisit regularly to check out the content and the blog.

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