Barefoot Bound

Reviewed by on 7 May 2010

78 score out of 100
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Barefoot Bound shows hot and very cute barefoot guys in all sorts of bondage. Some of the guys are struggling against their bonds, a few get tickled. Many wear gags, ball gags or bridles. The tour link in the middle of the page and the FREE TOUR link on the upper right corner take you to what I wouldn't call a tour so much as a sample pic set with a link to a video and some explanatory text. Unlike a lot of other tours, this sample page, pics and video are all the same layout, formats and quality as members enjoy so you know exactly what to expect. I like what I see so let's go further.

The members of Barefoot Bound don't get an actual member area. What they do get is the ability to open all the content on the three tour links that say CAPTIVES, ARCHIVE and CLIPS. Non-members can see all the preview thumbs for every set members get access to but when the attempt to see the content, they are asked for a password.

Barefoot Bound has 2 pic sections - captives and archive - and one video section. There are a total of 520 exclusive pic sets, 52 in captives and 468 in archive, which is 196 more photo sets than on our last visit. There are also 259 video, which is 96 more. What you will see in all the Barefood Bound pics and videos is barefoot guys bondage. Most of the sets start after the model or models are already restrained. There are guys who we watch get gagged, get their mouths covered by their captor's hands, get tickled or get their feet worshipped. There are plenty of guys who struggle with their bonds. A lot of the guys are nude but a few aren't fully undressed. The action is sexy and the bondage is creative.

When you enter the captives section, you are taken to a page with the two most recent models shown at the upper left side of the page. Below them are preview thumbs with names of 50 more guys. The thumbs are very well-chosen to show each guy in bondage and the guys are fit, very cute and mostly in the 20 - 26 year old range. The thumbs show a variety of bondage positions, many of which show bare feet as well as plenty of well-used rope and other materials.

When you click on a guy inside captives, you are taken to his page. On the right is a thumbnailed gallery and on the left is a large preview thumb and his name, a link to his video, a link to the slide show, his stats and a little info about the shoot. The pics are good quality and shown at a screen size of 600x900, which is fairly large but not huge. The photos are well-lit, clear and sharp and the photographer knows exactly what to shoot. The only surprise here was the slideshow, which isn't handsfree - you have to click the next link to see the next pic. Go figure!

For the most part, the pics in the archive sets are a a little smaller and a little lower in quality. They are still good amateur quality and are shown at around 450x600, although more and more of the newer pic sets in the archive are the same size and quality as the pic sets in captives and a few even have video links.

Barefoot Bound's 259 videos are on average around 2 minutes each. Most shoots have a single video although some sessions have 2. The videos cover the main part of each session - the guy bound, helpless and struggling. Besides tickling and foot worship, a couple guys masturbate after their bondage session.

The videos are all Quicktime and can be watched in an embedded player or can be downloaded. They are shown at 320x240 and play smoothly with good sound. The more recent videos are good quality and the older videos are amateur to good amateur quality. Most show some loss of quality when enlarged but it's not too bad with the more recent movies.

Barefoot Bound is one of the best bondage sites I've seen in ages, and the bare feet are a nice plus. The guys are cute amateurs and studs, the photography is good and the bondage itself is done by someone who really knows the ropes ;) The pics and videos are good quality. Although the updates aren't dated, the site has added 196 photo sets and 96 video clips since my last visit 28 months ago. Tthere's a nice selection of barefoot bondage content there and the price is very reasonable, so whether you love bare feet, bondage or both, I recommend you visit Barefoot Bound and see what they have to offer.

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