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Barebacked offers exclusive content featuring horny Euro guys in condom-free cock sucking and fucking. The guys here are mostly everyday regular guys, the kind you might find anywhere, so don't expect hunks or porn stars, but if you're into amateurs, the men here may grab your attention. Most are in their twenties with smooth chests and often unshaven pubes, thighs and some have unshaved asses, and there are some performers with hairy chests. While most of the bodies are average, there are some slender guys, although they don't have the boyishness that would make them twinks.

The action here includes guys sucking cock, kissing, fucking, a little ass play here and there and a few threesomes. While there's no kinky stuff or wild action till the ends of the cumshots are where this site shines - I watched several where after the tops pumped loads of cum into the bottoms' holes, the bottoms positioned themselves so their asses are over the tops and squeezes jizz all over their faces. There's also plenty of facial cumshots and cum play, as after the tops nut on their bottom boys' asses or faces, they'll rub the cum in their holes and swirl it around. While the locations, mostly a variety of couches, perhaps in motels, isn't the most exciting, I definitely recommend sticking around for the money shots.

Barebacked currently offers 192 videos, which is 74 more than there were a little over 3 years ago. The site says it updates about twice a month, which sounds about right. The videos are DRM-free WMVs, the newer ones shown at 640x480 at good quality, the older vids sized at 480x360 at good amateur quality, and both available in a smaller size for those who might want that. You can download the videos or watch them in a player; the newer videos don't lose too much quality if you go full screen, but the older vids do lose some clarity and sharpness.

Each episode comes with a set of pics. These are good amateur quality digital stills, the oldest sized at 782x1200 and the newer at up to 1200x1600. The pics show off the guys and the action pretty well, although I rarely could tell if cocks were cut or uncut as often 1 guy was sucking another by the time the action started, and except near the end, cocks tended to be inside mouths or asses, not showing the heads. Still, the pics offer enough closeups and medium shots to keep you looking, although there are some repetitious pics that probably could have been removed, as well. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but there's a link to download each pic separately.

For those who own mobiles like iPhones, iPods or other devices that play MP4s, members of Barebacked also get access to the mobile version of the site, although the videos are not offered in the same order. In fact, I'm not sure they're the same videos, as there's lots of black guys barebacking.

Now we get to the issues. First, there's no monthly price listed on the join page or the billing page. Next, the site terms say trial members may get limited access, although it doesn't give any details. The Bonus Videos page does not offer any bonuses - just links to pay per view. One last thing is that you can only navigate 1 page forward or back at a time, which means you may end up doing a lot of clicking to get to the oldest videos or the last pics in a gallery. Some pagination would be nice.

Barebacked delivers Euro guys kissing, sucking dick, fucking in duos and some threesomes. The site has grown to 192 episodes, each with pics and downloadable videos, and updates about twice a month, although there are no dates to confirm this. While the chemistry between the guys isn't wild and passionate, the cumshots and what sometimes happens after the tops shoot their loads is hot, sticky and nasty, just the way I like it. Some extras would be nice, and the site has some issues, but the cumshots and cum play make Barebacked stand out from the crowd of bareback sites out there, and cum lovers may want to save some of the videos for their private collections.

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