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Bareback Place offers horny amateurs who look like they're having a great time sucking cock, barebacking and catching loads of cum. The guys here are in their twenties and thirties, and they range from average to very cute. You'll find a mix of smooth and lightly hairy performers, including some with unshaved pubes and even a hairy treasure trial or two. And for those into tattoos, some of the guys here are pretty inked up. You'll find some nicely trimmed beards here, as well as smooth faces. And there are a few Latinos in the mix.

A lot of the bareback and cum eating / facials videos feature Aaron and Seth, who are not only performers but are also owners of the site, and they're also the guys who find the models. They appear either as a duo, with 1 or 2 additional guys or 1 of them will appear with another guy; there are also videos without them. The action is enthusiastic and energetic in many cases. If you like regular guy types, you'll probably appreciate the models and the action here.

Bareback Place currently offers 35 videos - 30 in the Exclusive Videos section and 5 in the Vault. This is less videos than there were on our previous visit a few years ago, partly because some of the videos were moved to the owners' other sites. The videos are now offered in MP4 format, the streaming versions sized at 960x540 at average to good amateur quality. All but the newest videos are also offered for download. The newer vids are good amateur quality and are sized at 960x540 plus a smaller 640x360; the older vids are offered in a single size of 640x480 at average quality or better. All videos are DRM-free full scenes.

Each video (except for the five in the Vault) comes with a nice juicy description, and there's also a set of screencaps sized from 500x330 to a nice, larger 960x540 for the newer episodes. The newer pics are actually pretty good quality considering they're screencaps. Disappointingly the picture sets are not offered in downloadable zip files nor can the pics be individually downloaded.

Let's talk about updates. There has been one update added each month for the past four months, although not on the same date each month; the latest update is on January 17, 2014 and the one before is on December 6. Also the fifth update listed is two months prior to the fourth, so it's fair to say that updates are irregular. Also keep in mind that the site has shrunk since 2009; the oldest update is now dated from December, 2010, and there have only been 15 updates listed since 2010.

When it comes to extras, Bareback Place members get access to three bonus sites from their network: Fuck Off Guys, Suck Off Guys and Guys On Video. These sites star some of the same models, are shot by the same folks and you'll find them very similar. In fact, I believe that some of the videos on the other sites were originally listed on Bareback Place and then broken into multiple sites by niche. There are also behind the scenes and blooper vids for each of the sites. Please note that only one of the bonus sites has updated in the last year.

Does this site have any issues beside the updates? First, a few of the most recent videos aren't offered for download. As the site says, "New Release: Stream Video Above - Please check back later for download." The problem is that since there's only one new video added per month, and the three most recent updates aren't offered for download, that means members would have to wait several months just to download the new videos. Also of note is that the oldest videos include a watermark not from this site but from another of their sites, so I'm not sure these videos are exclusive to only Bareback Place. The model index isn't for this site but for all the sites in the network, and there's no profiles or info about the models on each model page.

Bareback Place gets a mixed review. On the plus side, the men are hot and horny, they're real amateurs and the action is all condom-free. On the minus site, the site has only 35 videos and has only added 15 in the past 3 years. Current updates are about once a month - the latest update was added just over 40 days after the previous one. While most of the videos are offered for download, and should play on most mobiles, the newest vids aren't offered for download. It really does help that members get access to 184 additional videos from the other sites in the network. But what stands out the most for me is the amateur guys and how into the sucking and fucking they are.

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