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Authentic Footballers is a unique site featuring real footballers - soccer players for those of you in North America - from both amateur and pro leagues in South America (some of them are pretty well-known), but as well there are lots of street footballers. The guys here are fit, straight amateurs between 18 and 26 years old; they're sporting athletic bodies and most have uncut cocks, and there are lots of big ones, too. These South Americans have mostly and typical dark hair and brown eyes, although there's the odd blond or bald guy, and their skin tones range from deep beige to dark caramel and some even darker still.

While the guys are mostly professional football players, they're definitely not professional models or porn stars; in fact, most have never jerked off on camera before. These Latin footballers really are straight, so you won't see any hardcore action, although there are nearly 50 duos with guys jacking off side by side. It's fun seeing who takes a peek at his buddy and who can't bear to look. These pairs also shower together, so you may see some back washing, and usually giggling while they do it. In the solos, the guys jerk their delicious uncut cocks, but only after they have filmed their interviews and physical exams. Most of the guys also walk around or play with a football in the nude and are filmed taking a piss..

At the time of this review there are 522 updates inside the members area and around 48 of these are duos. This is a considerable addition since the site's last review in March 2013, so they seem to be living up to those weekly updates. Each update contains the footballer's complete session from interview to shower, and in between you can watch the guys in their physical exams, jerking off, pissing clip and flexing their muscles. But my faves were the scenes in which the naked guys kick around a football showing us their beautiful bodies and teasing us with their bouncing cocks.

The videos aren't offered as full scenes; you download any or all of the guy's six to nine sessions and they come in two different WMV sizes. The biggest one is in full HD and plays at 1280x720 and the smaller is 852x480. Older videos only play at 640x480. You can enlarge the videos to play in full-screen mode without losing too much of the quality. The guys speak in Spanish and Portuguese, but every video comes with subtitles.

The videos at Authentic Footballers are DRM-protected, which means you need to enter your user details as a verification before you can play the videos (I only had to do this once during the review because I instructed the player to remember me), and downloaded videos won't play after your membership has expired. My normal video player wouldn't recognize the security credentials, so I could only play them in Windows Media Player. Mac and Linux users can't play videos the downloadable videos due to the DRM, but there are Silverlight streaming versions available for all releases since 2010 (these are Mac compatible, but require the installation of Silverlight), and the site says they're converting more videos every month. As well, these Silverlight versions seem to be the only way anyone (Windows or Mac) can stream the videos on the site.

All 522 episodes come with several photo sets split up in the same way as the videos (interview, jack off, shower, etc.) and these contain from a couple dozen to well over 100 pictures per gallery while some sections like "on the field" only have a couple of pictures. These photos are digital stills which are sharp with lots of close-ups and they vary from 400x600 to 733x1100 in portrait orientation; the newest landscape pictures are 1650x1100), and some episodes come with additional XL photos at 2592x3888. You can jump from one image to the next, but there's no hands-free slideshows available, and while you can save pics individually, there's no downloadable zip files. While the watermarks on the photos are small, I found it annoying that they are in the middle of the photos and not somewhere less intrusive.

Overall this is a good quality site, but there are some issues. Most important: the videos are protected by DRM, which means you can't watch the videos after your membership has expired. Next, the navigation could use some work: there's no "home" button, you can only navigate one page at a time (forward or back) and some pages are very long with 200 guys on the page. Also, the episodes aren't dated, but the site says it updates every Friday, and there are 166 more episodes than there were 26 months ago, which averages more than 1 update per week.

Authentic Footballers offers real straight footballers from South America who show off naked and jerk their uncut cocks for the camera. Many have untrimmed body hair and hairy asses, a nice plus. There are currently 522 episodes featuring athletic amateurs in solo action; there are several dozen side-by-side duos, and the site adds a new footballer every week. Each episode consists of several clips and a large number of photos. The bottom line: if you like amateur guys, horny Latin soccer players and uncut cocks, you're about to land in heaven. Enjoy!