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18 Gay Passport is a porn network that offers you a collection of various different gay sites all in one membership pass for your convenience. I like to think of this site as a super collection, bringing you a mixture of amateur, twink, jock, hentai, and 3D porn all in one.

First, you have Gay Amateurs Club which provides you horny amateur men from all walks of life. Gay Sex Exposed seems to offer a mixed collection of amateur and professional gay porn performers, many getting naked or having sex outdoors or in public or semi-public locations. Euro Twinks Club's main focus is amateur twinks from Europe, although I wouldn't consider all the guys twinks, but there are lots of uncut cocks. Impossible Gay Cocks focuses on big dicks. Gay Cinema Club seems to have more gay porn regulars and twinks. Go Go Twinks is another twink site, but seems to have more porn stars. Yaoi Place brings you hentai gay porn, and finally, 3D Boyfriends offers three dimensional gay porn scenes generated by computer to bring you a different style of porn altogether.

The guys in these sites are a variety of races, mix of hairy and smooth bodies, cut and uncut cocks, ages and body types. What you're going to notice, though, is that there's a predominant look across the scenes included in this pass. The majority of amateurs and porn stars seem to be white males with shaved pubes and smooth chests. You'll also find black, Latino, and guys from other races in a number of select videos, and there are some men over 35, as well, but I'm trying to paint you a picture of the majority of scenes so you know what to expect.

18 Gay Passport currently offers 1,449 videos from eight sites, some of which update frequently, some of which recycle updates or at least some of them. The videos are offered in MP4 format, most videos being offered in two sizes, the largest of which is offered at 640x480 at average to fairly good amateur quality, or in two sizes, in which case the largest vids are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality. The vids here should play on most mobiles, too - smaller videos should be good for cell phones and all the videos should play on most tablets. Videos are DRM-free, and for those who prefer it, they can also be streamed.

There are also 2,901 picture sets total, 156 more than on our previous visit. The pictures are a mix of photos and toon art. Pic sets are available in various resolutions with the average being around 800x600. Photos can be downloaded as zip files for your convenience.

Gay Amateurs Club has 77 videos and 270 photo sets, five more videos than there were 10 months ago yet the update dates show a new video is added every six days. Gay Sex Exposed has 458 videos and 1,010 picture sets, 339 vids, and 49 pic sets more than there were 11 months ago. A new video is added every two days but there haven't been any new picture sets added in a couple of months. Impossible Gay Cocks now offers 80 videos, up seven from when we reviewed the site just a few weeks ago, and there are also 198 picture sets, two more than there were a little over a month ago although the picture updates are shown as being added every three days.

Euro Twinks Club currently offers 247 videos, 154 more than there were 16 months ago, and the site is adding a new video every two days, which works out perfectly for the amount of growth in the video section. There are also 303 picture sets, 51 more than there were on our last visit, yet the picture updates also show that they're being added every two days, which doesn't add up. Gay Cinema Club has 436 videos and a new video is added every three days, as well as 780 picture sets, only 15 more than there were ten months ago despite claims of frequent updates.

Go Go Twinks offers up 123 videos in the videos section, but only some of the updates are new content; others are older content being re-added with current dates. There are also 251 picture sets. And there are two toon sites offering a total of 28 videos with no updates plus plenty of pic sets.

Now let's talk about issues. There is a pre-checked email offer on the join page as well as a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for two additional recurring site memberships when you join this site. Trial members get limited access and trial memberships recur at $10 more per month than a regular monthly membership. And there are inaccurate claims on the join page; it says videos are available in full HD (1920x1080), but the largest are sized at 1280x720 and many are standard def, and they also claim pics are sized at 1600x1200, but most are literally half that size.

One last thing I wasn't thrilled about is that there is no network members area; you must enter each site separately instead of being able to view all the recent network updates on a single page.

Overall 18 Gay Passport does bring you a good-sized collection of gay porn videos alongside some gay toon and 3D porn. There are 1,449 DRM-free, download videos that can be streamed and viewed on your mobiles, and there are also 2,901 photo sets plus a gay DVD archive, and this ought to keep you busy as the site continues to update several times weekly. While the action is a mix of solo and hardcore action, people expecting a premium site with high-quality HD videos might want to rethink this one because content quality seems to be all over the place. Still, if you're looking for quantity over quality and a variety of horny guys, 18 Gay Passport could be worth a look.

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