Congratulations to Zeb Atlas - and singer Pearly Gates, of course - for the release of his/their newest collaboration, a remake of Diane Ross's "Love Hangover," and the accompanying video. This is apparently the second collaboration between R&B singer Pearly Gates - a well-established singer with a long, respected recording history - and Zeb, who is known the porn world over for his rugged good looks and the fact that he could crush you like Chuck Norris could - with one kick - if he had to.

I particularly liked their first collaboration, Gates's 2009 "Stop For Love" which had two things I really value in a music video: a full rack-of-lamb waiting for me at the dinner table and hotel meeting rooms with charts of naked men on them. Seriously, who doesn't like rack-of-lamb? (Well, besides vegetarians.) And Pearly is just sitting there by herself with that rack of lamb while her man, Zeb, is off in a hotel room having a meeting with a bunch of men and one really gay guy who holds Zeb's handshake just a minute too long there. Slow down, Louella. (Watch Zeb crotch-checker come on at 1:38 in said video. You know you want some, dirty bird.)

"Love Hangover," on the other hand, is much (much) more uptempo and I guess this makes me an official member of Gaydom but I loved it! The second half was utterly infectious and just to make sure I was truly homosexual, I replayed it five times in a row.

Yup, I'm gay.

(The "Love Hangover" video has been disabled by request, but I would encourage all of you to check it out.)

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