Zeb Atlas has pretty much been in the porn biz for what seems to be forever, but now this massive hunk of muscle is going to hit the "mainstream." Well, maybe not public television mainstream but he will be appearing on Showtimes "reality" program on male hookers titled, fittingly enough: "Gigolos."

But don't get out the lube just yet - apparently Zeb will not be doing anything sexual on the show but he will be talking about what it's like to have sex with a male client. So, we will hear firsthand what Zeb thinks about getting paid to have sex with a man, and that should be interesting enough without having to see this beefy stud whip out his cock!

Zeb will be making his appearance on the show sometime in the fall, and if you want a sneak peak at the show (which is seriously cringe inducing) have a look at the clip below ,but please do not say I didn't warn you 'cos this clip has DOUCHE written ALL over it!

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