Zeb Atas: Not Gay, Not Bi, Just Sexual

Many of you know Zeb Atlas - he is the muscular stud that was Men's Magazine man of the year in 2003 and 2006. He has been doing porn for quite sometime but would never answer the question whether he was gay, straight or bi.

It seems as though now Zeb is more willing to talk about his sexuality, and recently he gave an interview to Raging Stallion to promo his new movie "Built Tough". He talked about everything from his hot and horny fuck scene with bottom-superstar-slut Adam Killian to the fact that he doesn't believe in people labeling his sexuality.

This is where Zeb lets everyone know that he doesn't care for labels and he is not gay, straight or bi he is simply: SEXUAL. Well, I think we all pretty much knew that already. He is very sexual. Zeb talks about how the porn industry in general is very hung up on and "messed up" on the entire sexuality topic.

He then said this:

"The straight side is so homophobic that if you have done any gay scenes no one with will work with you. That's funny, because a girl can eat another pussy all day long, and it's cool, but if a guy fucks another guy they are blacklisted. And then the transsexual porn is considered "straight" porn."

Well, we all know that labels are a way of letting people know that they are in for. I mean if you were to pick up a "sexual" porn flick it could have a variety of things that would not be to everyone's taste. (Can you imagine yourself wanking to fresh va-jay-jay?) But then again, it's good to know what people nowadays are using labels less and less to define what they are, which in a way does free their options up a lot more.

Where do YOU stand on the entire "label thing"? Do you agree with this hunky, sexual stud or do you think that we need labels to define people? Let the Demon hear what you gotta say! Are you gay, bi or just plain sexual?

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