Zane Anders Fucks The Graff Twins Zane Anders Fucks The Graff Twins

The Graff Twins have just hit town and I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of them. We porn hogs are fascinated with brothers doing videos together, and watching twin brothers is the daily double in the Pornland, isn't it? In this newest Dallas Reeves video, the Graff brothers have come to personal trainer Zane Anders to see if he can help them work on their bodies (they're already pretty hot) and when Sebastian balks at Zane's $300 a week price tag, Zane says, "Well if you guys suck my cock we can knock some of that off." Dude, if you're lucky enough to have twin brothers sucking your dick, you should be paying them to train with you. But this lucky trainer gets a lot more than that, come inside and see.

This isn't the Graff brothers first video together. They played a couple of the residents over at Boys Halfway House, and when they got caught breaking the rules, the house manager and his buddy fucked the brothers on the same bed, side by side just like Zane is doing in this scene. So what is our fascination with brothers? If one is hot, two are hotter? Or is it the notion that forbidden sexual encounters are all the more fun? Or is it not hot at all and porn producers just think it is? What do you think?

After sucking Zane's cock, the brothers kneel on a rattan sofa and he sticks his big, bare cock in one, then the other. And these lads aren't shy about getting fucked side by side, they look at each other and take peeks at Zane boning the others' ass. Eventually they end up on their backs with their legs in the air, and the each hook an arm under the other's leg and Zane goes back and forth from one ass to the other. Zane can't decide which brother should get his load, so he stands over them and sprays down on both their chests.

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