Jake Cruise has a couple of really really hot guys for us this time. While we usually see Jake involved in the fun and games, he took a rest for a while in order to leave young fellas Zack and Jake Tyler to get to work. And that they do. What started off as a harmless massage session soon turned into a huge cock, and I mean a very thick prick, piercing a wonderfully muscled tight ass. Both guys are smooth, chisled and hung. Not to mention possessing looks that could be spread on any large screen the world over. This is some hot shit here.


Buddy's buns are to die for. Gawd! I know I'd be indulging and chowing down on that ripe butt. He looks as though he's enjoying too. With that goatee on his rimmer I'm sure the sensations are something very very nice.


Chewing on his pal's arms. Hmmm. Interesting. I wonder if he was licking his pits too. I have a real armpit fetish. He He. It's hard to tell whether or not that cock is buried in his ass yet. Leaves one to interpret which is always fun.


We need not wonder anymore. Did I tell you that was a big cock or what? It looks as though that bottom dude is going to feel that one. There's something so fucking sexy about the moment just before a huge rod enters a tight asshole. The anticipation of it. Well Jake Cruise has the full scenario over at their place. I do believe I'll head on over there and catch the movie to this. I want to see that luscious dick destroy that ass.

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