Zach Ramos and Seth Santoro: Brothers or Doppelgangers? Zach Ramos and Seth Santoro: Brothers or Doppelgangers?

Seth Santoro (previously Treston) has made quite a name for himself in Pornland and he has a slew of videos under his belt. Is Randy Blue's Zach Ramos Santoro's younger brother? And is gay porn becoming the family business?

Zach Ramos is sexy. Even a day's worth of face scruff can't hide that boyish charm. His devilish grin pulls you in and those doe-brown eyes seal the deal, and before you know it, you're on your knees begging for a taste. Zach is a personal trainer, which is why he has such a beautiful body -- his ripped physique is his walking billboard -- and he's covered in tattoos, which I know makes a lot of you cry, but I like them.

Randy Blue says that Zach is straight, but a few weeks back they called muscle stud Jake Orion a twink, so what do they know? Are straight boys sculpting their eyebrows these days? I don't know, I don't get out much. And who cares? Zach Ramos is a sexy package and all I care about is that he's got a meaty cock and healthy pair of nuts and he shoots an impressive load across his belly. Beyond that, if he can suck dick and take it up then butt, then I don't care whether he's straight, gay, or an alien from a far away galaxy.

As far as being Seth Santoro's younger brother, I don't know. We'll try tracking down Santoro on Twitter and see if we can pull it out of him.

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