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Posted by on November 27, 2009 2:01 AM


Yummy of the Day is a rather scrumptious morsel of a confection engineered as such by the absolute intent of its author. This blog is rather loose in a way. Among his other posts - some on life and his own personal ruminations - he opts to post pictures from users and readers - pictures of themselves or boyfriends, for example. Oh, he combines them with ultimately gorgeous and much more famous people, but he has a nice mixed constellation of "stars" in his blog. Mac seems an unpretentious type, snugged in with his mate of 20 years and more interested in the pleasures life has to offer than the drudgery and pain of life like so many others. His intent: "Just like a cupcake, my site is simple, sweet and satisfying. There's enough stress in the world, so pull up a chair and savor each nibble. Enjoy..." Thus he brings this wide variety of amateur hunks and the ultra famous together for a mixed view of hot men the world over. We get a glimpse of how gay men raise a child as well - and all this in a small town in Texas of all places. I am quietly impressed with his straightforward feelings on blogging and on life in general. There are some blogs which should stay somewhat personal. They have interesting lives and they ask the questions we all do. Sometimes indeed, the sweetest morsels of life are the simple and obvious ones. This is an extremely charming blog.

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