You've probably seen Jeremiah before. He used to call himself Jeremiah Ryder, and he was one of the cutest big dick twink stars ever. Now Jeremiah is a couple years older, but some things haven't changed - he's still got a huge cock and he can still suck himself. Unlike a lot of guys who can suck their cocks, Jeremiah really loves doing it, too. He loves how it feels in his mouth, the taste of his own pre-cum and he loves shooting his own load all over his face. And that's why Jizz Addition couldn't wait to do this shoot with him!


Jeremiah starts off by getting his cock nice and hard. He strokes it, but that's barely necessary since nothing turns Jer on quite as much as playing with his meat in front of a camera.


Jeremiah may be over 21 now, but he is still one flexible guy. He has no problem bending forward enough so that his lips and tongue can tease the head of that firm and juicy cock of his.


Once Jeremiah has drained his balls by shooting every drop of his hot thick jizz, he turns to the camera to show off a sexy cum-dripping grin!

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