One of the finer things about the internet is that it provides such a great medium for anyone creative and motivated enough to show off exactly what they're all about. Master Leon is one such an individual. Just so you know, Leon is a very vocal and honest Master. He holds nothing back and seems to only cater to those who truly want to be abused. Harshly so. I must be honest myself and say I don't know whether to take this guy seriously. He invites us to interact with him on cam, or even call him to so he can put us down or whatever. Master Leon seems to be a bit obsessed with taking our money as well. Of course, we have to give it to him first. Feet seem to be a part of his freaky fetishes as he shows his off in several camshots on the front page. He blogs about his cam and phone adventures with the men who want to be used and abused by him. I will admit that it would certainly take a strong individual to get up the courage to interact with Leon. Go check out his blog and you'll see what I mean I'm sure.

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