I love the title of this very informative blog. Its website address is http://keepstill.com, yet the title is much, much different than just the address itself. It was a shock, I suppose is what I am saying, sending myself to Keep Still and finding this "confidant" in his 19th Century garb. But I like these kinds of surprises.What's even better is we find in this blog some of the most enlightening perspectives related to topics about sexuality - with particular and hard-hitting emphasis on sex with and between males - well-explained by someone with experience and and an obvious urge to inform. Nor is it a half-assed attempt to substantiate a reason to post a blog. The lack of vanity and the sensible answers to typically difficult questions is manifold. Questions regard such things as the flavor of cum, sucking oneself off, a large section on anal sex, an essay on foreskin hygiene - even questions regarding Masturbation Guilt. Indeed, I was delighted to see his explanation of masturbation guilt get turned around on the questioner with a request for an honest assessment of how the questioner regards his own body and sexuality, particularly understanding the palliative which is an orgasm. There is much wisdom here, delivered in a frank yet entertaining and not oppressive style. The author of these articles cares - and his information seems very solid. When I consider the breadth and ambition of the reaches he makes for exploring the questions, I end up impressed.

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