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Cory is a 25-year-old, skater boy from Atlanta; and until recently, he was a bleached-blonde packing a nice, meaty cock. After some suggestions from the guys at Southern Strokes, Cory showed up with his new look - and I like it! A little bit of redhead happening there. Yum!

When Cory arrived at the Southern Strokes house, Leon was enjoying himself by the pool. There was an instant attraction. They guys played around outside by themselves for a bit, and then, Cory asked if he could fuck Leon. Cory loved how smooth Leon was. The guys swapped blowjobs and Leon gagged a little bit when Cory rammed his big cock down his throat.

But Leon was hungry for a cock up his ass, so he sat on Cory's big rod and started riding. The guys ended up doing it doggy style and Cory's heavy balls were slapping Leon's ass. Leon begged for Cory to fuck him harder, and he did. Leon loves an aggressive top, so Cory's vocalizations during the fucking just got the young stud all the hotter. Cory even spanked Leon's ass, Cory eventually pulled out and plastered his load all over Leon's smooth body - some even made it to Leon's lips. And even after Leon came these two guys continued making out. I think they were headed for a second round.

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