Some things do get better with age. Antonio here was on the Circle Jerk Boys site about a year ago. And during the past year he's been away at college. And it looks like he's been working out. Antonio's body is so much leaner, stronger, and more muscular that it was a year ago. But alas, his 8.5" uncut cock is still looking fantastic. And this young college stud must be having a blast on campus with a cock like that. I'm sure word has spread from the varsity showers to the dorm rooms. And I wouldn't be surprised if this stud is getting a few late-night knocks at the door from some hungry cock suckers eager to get a taste of that juicy bone. And what a bone it is -- deliciously thick, 8.5" long, and sporting a nice piece of foreskin. His pubes are cropped close and his balls are shaved smooth. And you'd better watch out because when this college stud cums he's packing a deadly weapon. I'm quite sure he mut have hit the camera man with that cum shot -- straight up in the air and across the room. Amazing.

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