Simple enough question, do you gush when you cum, or do you just sort of dribble?

Funny thing is, I think we all can be gushers, and dribblers too, depending on the mental picture we have conjured up, while stroking our dick. Like I can usually tell if the wife enjoyed his visual stimulation, by how he cums. Seriously, when he whacks off, which he does a lot, if the video or photographs are not totally hot, he tends to dribble, more than he gushes.

In some ways, that can be deflating too, though I have to admit, when he and I have sex, he tends to shoot more than dribble, but there have been times. Which makes me wonder, what the hell was I doing wrong, or what was he thinking of, at the time.

I wonder, when you see so many porn stars who just dribble, when they cum, if they are simply bored, or is it from the drugs or booze? I mean some say that many of these guys are hooked on drugs or booze, though again, I wonder if even that is real.

For example, in the more mature market, where the guys seem a lot more fit than their twink counterparts, they just don't seem like the kind who get wasted at every opportunity. The drug/alcohol culture in our society certainly seems to be more youth orientated, but is it effecting the porn?

Is how they cum, showing the ravages of too much booze the night before, or too much other stuff, or are they simply bored by their sex partner in the scene?

I used to always think it was drugs & booze, but really I think how we shoot our load, is more of a mental thing, than anything else. Sure that other stuff can have an effect, but I really think a lot has to do with the motivation. I mean just how long does a fifteen minute scene take to film?

Considering that a normal football game is one hour of time, yet takes 3 hours or more to finish, you have to wonder, is Porn filming, much different? Like football is stopped action, and so too is filming some sex scenes.

Now I don't know about you, but not easy to stay motivated for hours on end, with all those endless breaks, as cameras get moved around, someone goes to the bathroom, or worse, the light fades so the action is picked up the next day. Like, that isn't going to exactly make me super horny, nor shoot a gusher of a load either.

Maybe that is why amateur stuff is so popular, given there isn't as much stop action, while cameras get moved, close ups taken? Perhaps that too explains more of why there are a lot of good gushing cum shots too, because the stars being filmed, are into it a bit more than some professional porn star?

Then too, notice how some sites pair guys up? While the hype is usually about how hot these guys are for each other, when the cum shot is filmed, it just sort of, well dribbles down the semi hard dick. I mean, if they really were hot for each other, if all that screaming to fuck 'em harder was real, surely they would have gushed a bit, don't you think?

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