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English Lads brings us an episode that jumped off the screen and assaulted my pants. Straight hunk Anthony gets his mouth and ass reamed yet again as he plays with another large cocked mate in the person of the ever-horny Matt. Anthony smiles away in some serious marveling as he squeezes what Matt's got inside those jeans, running a hand over it, then feeling up all around the growing hidden candy. Matt smiles back and tells him "That's only a semi!!" Obviously, this works some magic as Anthony unzips Matt and rips it out, exposing that enormous member, then suddenly moving onto it like a hungry tiger, his head bobbing and his mouth widening to try and take it all.Quickly, Matt seizes on the opportunity to bury his cock inside this hot cock sucker and turns him to get at Anthony's hot asshole. Sliding it inside takes little effort at all and soon we can all see how utterly buried his big dick gets. This Anthony has developed some real skills! Well, Anthony "hates" this so much, he moves himself backwards, onto yet more cock, clearly wanting every inch inside. Anthony exposes his particular ecstasy by suddenly spurting hot thick cum from his throbbing cock, made all wild by his ass pounding. Matt soon pulls out himself, erupting with his own load, all over his hot mate's body, absolutely covering him in two drenching bursts of cum from two amazingly attractive cocks.

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