What is one of the most visited gay sites on the web? Why it is Grindr of course. Who hasn't heard or been on Grindr. Known for its brutal honesty, it has spawned a cottage industry of different websites from both fans and critics. These fan sites are devoted to either loving or hating the guys of Grindr. XxxGrindrxxX is one such site that loves these guys. Or rather it loves the skin that is shed.

The webmaster has pulled the hottest pictures off of Grindr. All starring hot guys exposing their cocks, plus a whole lot more. Which is one of the main criticisms of Grindr. That it is a place for only Caucasian men who are twinks, hunks and other assorted muscle men. Which is what makes up the images on this Grindr fan site. This site is definitely NSFW (not safe for work). So if you are looking for hunks that are the best of the best on Grindr, just click on to this great fan site.

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