My massage therapist never gave me a rub down like this! Of course, I guess I just didn't have the right kind of masseur. Aidan is a blonde, muscular and tattooed guy who is making a second appearance at Perfect Guyz. And this time he's getting oiled up and rubbed down by Brent. Aidan has never had an erotic massage - especially from a guy. Brent is very strong -- his arms and shoulders are nicely developed and perfect to make another man's muscle feel good. With this massage session Aidan starts of lying face down with a light towel over his ass. Brent begins kneading Aidan's lower back and slowly, Brent slides the towel about halfway down Aidan's ass and starts working the blonde stud's butt cheeks. When the towel finally slips off completely, the fun begins. Brent works his fingertips up and down Adian's ass crack. He probes teasingly at Aidan's virgin butt hole and Aidan moans with pleasure. Aidan turns over and Brent immediately begins to stroke Aidan's thick, 8-inch cock; it slides easily through Brent's oiled hands. And now there's no turning back.

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