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The Death of DRM in Porn Sites?

Corbin Fisher drops DRM

You may be aware of DRM. It stands for Digital Rights Management, and it theoretically protects membership site content from being stolen and used on other sites. You may have encountered it in porn sites before. Movies protected by DRM cannot be watched without your Media Player acquiring a license, and usually you need to input your username and password again, wait a few seconds and click a play button in the middle of your player.

Well, lately some of the most high quality sites that use DRM have been dropping it. First it was Corbin Fisher that announced their site would no longer use DRM. They also wanted to make sure that potential members realize that any movies they download are theirs to keep - as it says on their join page "DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS are viewable after membership expires".

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Brotherhood - DVD cover

Buckshot Productions, a part of the COLT Studio Group is proud to present its latest release, BROTHERHOOD. Legendary Director Jerry Douglas and Videographer/Editor Max Phillips come together with the Buckshot Productions team to produce an epic two and a half hour feature.. From the score by Rock Hard, to the lavish shooting location and industry leading cast its clear from the start BROTHERHOOD is a top notch production destined to be an instant classic.

BROTHERHOOD has a college theme that taps into the simmering homoerotic tensions brewing behind closed doors on college campuses all over America. An outstanding cast consisting of some of Buckshot Productions biggest stars as well as exciting newcomers shows you a world where the carnal desires of a group of fraternity brothers come roaring to the surface in the course of an evening long power struggle.

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Show Me the Money Shots

It's fair to say that a high number of porn addicts would state without hesitation that the best (or hopefully best) part of a porn scene is the cum shot(s). Sure, seeing what leads up to it can be even hotter, but ultimately, men are all about the jizz, whether it's dumping it or swallowing it or using it to repair a hole in your shoe. Often, a jacker will work himself up in an attempt to time his orgasm with the model on screen, and this can lead to an explosively pleasurable experience between viewer and performer. But what's more annoying than finding cat puke in your slipper? A cum shot that doesn't deliver.

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Assume the Position

Ever notice how predictable most porn is? Some things are a given and are absolutely necessary, such as hot models, big dicks (hopefully), tight asses (acne-free, please), and by the time it's all over, someone should be gooey. But how we get from point A to point B does not have to follow the same path in every scene. Yet, the average porn scene almost always follows the exact same pattern, even right down to the order of positions and types of sex.

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