Updates and News: November 2006

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Deliciously Defiant

If you like hot straight/bi skater boy porn featuring some of the sexiest hung studs in the galaxy, meet Defiant Productions. If you're familiar with their work, you know that they have been steadily building an exceptional collection of supremely erotic porn with guys you won't see anywhere else (and I mean anywhere else). If you're not familiar with them, then boy are you in for one super sticky treat.

Blazing onto the porn scene shortly after the turn of the century (or perhaps slightly before), Defiant started as a rather small enterprise producing solo jackoff porn starring skater boys who were either straight, sorta straight, or soon to be bi. Their early works were riddled with poor production values: bad lighting, crappy sound, a grainy and sometimes imperceptible picture.

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Guys With Tattoos


Tattoos. While some people think of bikers or leathermen when tattoos are mentioned, the truth is all kinds of men have tats. Some are beautiful art pieces full of color and shading. Some show you belong to a group like the Marines while others are tribal and abstract. And there are those one-color tats that guys get on a whim or when they just want something simple. Some guys get a tattoo to show off a body part like a muscular chest or slender belly or as an accent, to bring attention to their cock or ass. Check out Jack from Perfect Guyz. His back tattoo is simple and elegant.

There's something about a guy with a hard cock and a tattoo! I want to start off licking the tat and work my way to more interesting things.

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New Twink on the Block


Meet Skyer Devoss. He's a cute single and gay 20 year old with a taste for cock and his very own website! I got to talk to this up-and-coming blond pornstar about his life in porn and making his own site and here's what he had to say:

Q: how long have you been doing porn movies?

Skyler: I started when I had just graduated High School and I was just 18. I
literally flew out the night of my open house. That was June of 2005

Q: what got you started?

Skyler: I was actually scouted by Kelly Taylor through myspace.
(Note: Kelly Taylor was a model for a well known twink movie producer).

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Ever Go to a Gay Sex Party?


Ever fantasized about getting naked in front of a room full of people? Even better, ever had a fantasy of being naked in front of a room full of hot and horny guys? And then join them for uninhibited sex with whoever strikes your fancy while everyone around you is doing the same? If your fantasy goes something like that, you're not the only one. There are entire sites like Guys Go Crazy that are dedicated to all-male sex parties. There are online groups who form in order to get together to drink, party and fuck and suck any guy who turns them on..

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The Price Ain’t Always Right

If you're a conscientious shopper, you most likely take the time to compare the prices of similar items. Does this box of laundry soap have as many ounces as this other box which is cheaper? Are there as many raisins in a generic version of Raisin Bran as there are in the real thing? Will I get the same effect from the cheaper Herbal Viagra as I would from the doctor-prescribed chemical version? These are logical questions that we ask ourselves, and they are the same questions we pose when we're shopping for online porn. Does this site offer as much as this other site which costs $5 more? Does this site offer as many cum shots as that other one? Do they update more often? How hot are the boys? Choices, choices, choices.

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