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Amateurs, Models or Pornstars?


Seems like there's a lot of flavors of sites around these days. There are amateur sites like New York Straight Men, Jake Cruise and Naked Straight Guys. These are sites that have a budget and find a lot of different models - mostly first timers. But the sites aren't one man operations or hobby sites although they're probably not the work of large crews. This kind of site delivers regular guys the kind you can find at the store or the street - fucking and sucking or jacking off for the camera. The lighting isn't perfect nor is the photography but this honestly does add a gritty real feeling - and it should, because these sites are for real.

Then there's amateur sites like With Marcello and Carlos Cruise. These sites work with gorgeous hunky models but the photography and the site layout are amateur, probably done by the models themselves. The guys in these sites have modeled for professionals and we may have seem them around other sites, but it's more fun in a way to see them stroking their cocks in a site that doesn't have a perfect look and isn't made by a large company.

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GayDemon Wants to Hear from YOU!

We here at GayDemon love porn - especially gay porn - and we created this site for surfers who feel the same way we do. Everything here is done by an actual person. We choose the sites to list and we choose the pics we think are the sexiest in each niche from twinks to bears to college guys to ethnic guys. Whether you prefer your men horny and hairy, smooth and 18 years old or whether you prefer guys who look just like the guys next door, we try to list the sites and show off pics of all kinds of men in the GayDemon Blog.

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So - You Think You Want to be in Porn?


Most of us have had the fantasy of having sex or jacking off in front of a camera. I think there's a little exhibitionist in all of us and the idea of being caught on video really turns most of us on. Sometimes when I watch solo guys masturbating on a website, I can't help but imagine what it would be like - and fantasizing about the cameraman and the light man watching as I stroke my hard cock for the camera is hot!

There are some sites around like New York Straight Men that sometimes show the lights, the video cameras, and let us get into the action. It's sexy but what is it really like? Is getting your cock sucked or fucking a hot guy on video as good as it seems?

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Get Off My Screen!

The title of this editorial is what I and probably a lot of dudes shout when we're watching a porn with hot guys that is ruined by the presence of 'performers'� who simply have no, and I mean no business being on camera. I've touched lightly on this subject before, but I must spin this broken record again because it seems to be a pandemic as a result of so many amateur porn producers creating their own Web sites and, for some insipid reason, including themselves in the productions simply because they can, not because anyone wants '�em to be.

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Avoiding the Perils of Porn Sites


There are a lot of frustrated porn surfers out there. A question I hear a lot is why so many sites have great tours but mediocre member areas. It's true - there are a lot of porn sites out there that go all out to get us to join but don't seem very interested in putting much effort into keeping people happy once they've actually paid to join the site.

Luckily there are other sites that DO deliver exactly what you see on the tour. Some even show the exact design and all the models or movies. The problem is - how do you know which tours are showing you what they really offer and which sites are just trying to get your money?

1. Look for a model index.

Sites like Corbin Fisher or Frat Men allow you to see all the models who are listed in the site. While there are a lot of sites out there that may mislead you, there aren't many that will flat-out lie so checking all the models is a lot of help.

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GayPrizes Launched


GayPrizes.com Launches! Congratulations, sweetie! You're a winner!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

(San Diego, CA) - It's fun! It's exciting! It's gay!

Red Apple Media, a San Diego-based media distribution company, has officially launched GayPrizes.com, the very first gay website devoted to giving away fabulous prizes every month to lucky winners.

'GayPrizes.com is a '�circuit marketing' program that will generate a huge amount of traffic for our sponsors and stretch their advertising dollars further. We're very excited about that'�, says Dwayne Custer, Director of Business Development for Red Apple. 'We took our ideas to the extreme with GayPrizes.com. It will be a place for consumers to win awesome prizes, as well as for gay business to advertise their products and services.'�

The entry process is simple. Visit GayPrizes.com, select a sponsor on the home page and submit your email, age verification and some optional demographic information. Every entrant has a chance of wining cash, iPod nanos, certificates for VOD and membership sites, DVDs, books and more!

'This is a fantastic opportunity for other gay businesses to come on board as sponsors and reap the benefit of a site that will send them tons of traffic'�, adds Custer. 'Along with a monthly advertising campaign in local and national magazines, GayPrizes.com will also attend many community events to hand out promotional information for the site and '�instant winner' lottery tickets.'�

Red Apple is taking applications for prize sponsorships, media coverage, and banner purchases. Space is limited and applications are treated first-come, first-serve.

Media kits and additional information is available by contacting pr@redapplemedia.com or 619.325.0490.

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Are Guys on Straight Guy Sites REALLY Straight?


Straight guys... For some of us, there's a fantasy of being able to watch the unattainable, even if we can't have it. Let's face it - men are hunters, and seducing a straight guy or getting him to jack off for a gay website is a lot like straight men in the 1950s dealt with women.

And then there are 3 kinds of straight guy sites - straight guys jacking off, gay for pay and straight guys who are actually bi-curious. Personally I think my favorite is actually straight guys jacking off. For one thing, I just love watching as a guy gets his cock hard and strokes it. For another, I feel that more genuinely straight guys are likely to be found jacking off rather than getting his ass drilled and filled with cum.

Sure, it's easy to figure out the guys are straight on a site like Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, but since the men there are fucking their girlfriends, it doesn't take much figuring ;)

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By the Bi

I'm 200% gay, so it came as a great shock to me one day when I discovered that, on occasion, sex between men in bisexual porn can be really hot! Who would have thought? Allow me to elaborate'

In the past when viewing the occasional gay porn that had a scene or two with a woman to serve the 'story'� (e.g. Mark Reynolds' Best Friends), I usually found such scenes nauseating and easily raced beyond with the wondrous fast forward button that is a porn hound's best friend. Watching a dude eat out a vagina or flick his tongue over a set of big titties is simply repulsive to me as it is to many gay men. I had tried to watch a few bisexual vids and found the guys to be disgusting and the sex completely mediocre.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Videos - Part 1

Have you ever wondered what all those video sizes and formats you read about in reviews and on tours really mean? Well, we're going to tell you a little about all that video stuff so you'll know just what it all means! Let's get started with some standard video sizes.


Click the pic above of the boy with the cute butt to see a vidcap full standard-sized video. It's 640x480, which means 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall. I've always felt that this is a very good size of video as I think bigger really IS better.

There IS a bigger kind of video. It's called HD for High Definition but so far there are only a very few gay sites offering HD. We'll be seeing more of it in the near future, though. Imagine seeing a cock being stroked across your entire monitor with completely clear quality so it's like you're there. This is what HD is like, so hopefully we'll be seeing it on more sites soon!

But for now, let's get back to the most common sizes of video.

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