XNOTDEAD - NEWS is a very innovative and fascinating experience. It calls itself a "Fagzine" - a term applicable and most interesting. I use the term "experience" because the site involves a reader in a very interactive style, with fun surprises loaded into this rich and tasty web site. As an example: Scrolling down to the left of the Home Page, one encounters apparently somewhat "pedestrian" black and white pictures of a guy in his underpants, posing at a plaza in a very public place in Paris.When the cursor hits the image - as is the case with them all - they immediately 'colorize', inviting an increasing level of interest into just what these nuts are doing. In the particular picture I hit, it's Lars Stephen, an artist in his own right, whose works are displayed under the "Contributors" section, and - wow - in most interesting ways.In fact, in spite of its apparently sparse appearance, this is an absolutely loaded website, interesting as hell and with some super-cool photographs of the hottest men. This one has to be "experienced" to be believed. I am just plain wildly impressed by these guys.

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