Xavier Gicquel is another artist specializing in male gay sex and everything that accompanies it. Out-sized cocks throb and near-literally pulsate in his fantastic renderings of men in all sorts of delightful situations - and most often "hard" at work. The pun is intended, by the way. There are office men on their knees sucking off cocks from bosses; framers and contractors doing each other with some incredible relish; spurting geysers of cum shooting out of the hard cocks of mutually naked soldiers and plenty more where all that came from. Big muscular hairy guys get some pleasure and give some too as they fill mouths and asses with cock, delivered full bore by cops, firemen and, of course, friends. This is some red hot sexy artwork, obviously driven by sexual fantasy of a type we can all agree with. Xavier takes off the clothing as well as the inhibitions regarding fucking and sucking men, hard at it and full of spunk. These guys are all just amazingly sexy, even when drawn with such wavering realism. Sex throbs and courses through this blog like few others, giving a gorgeous view in flash presentation of all of Xavier's naughty work. Wow, what a trip.

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