Most of you probably already know how much I LUV Mason Wyler. I have blogged about him many times before, but this time all eyes will be on his amazingly entertaining blog, Wylernation.

This is his very personal blog where he shares pretty much EVERYTHING with EVERYONE! This is what makes this blog so damn hot and addictive. Mason is an open book and holds nothing back in his blogging. Love him or hate him, Mason Wyler is one fascinating porn stud. Scratch that, Wyler is one fascinating person. Full stop.

Wyler blogs about everything under the sun. From entertainment, style, politics to of course porn, it is all there for the taking. There is nothing he will not blog about and to be honest, the guy is seriously funny. He obviously has a wicked sense of humor and it's more than evident with all the comments and videos he uploads.

For all the latest on Mason and his crazysexycool kinda world, Wylernation.com is just a click away!

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