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Two young and well-built studs are facing off on the Naked Kombat wrestling mats. Dean Tucker has fought on the site before and this is his second match. In this fight his opponent is the more muscular Luke Riley, who has just endured a painful slave training session over on Bound Gods. New Slave in Training. Tucker is in for a rough match because Luke's still pretty riled up from his training session and he's got some frustration to work out on the mats. The guys start off in skimpy Speedos, and then, do another round in their jockstraps. And when they're down to wrestling naked, the referee turns the water on them. These two fighters have to wrestle in the rain. And when Luke Riley wins the match, he claims his prize: fucking Dean Tucker's ass, all the while water is pouring down on them! How do you keep a fuck hole lubed up in the "rain" with water-based lubricant? Hmmm ... maybe you don't ... and maybe that's a part of the fun of claiming your prize! Dean Tucker endures a hard ass pounding but doesn't seem to mind it too much.

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