For the amateur wrestling fans this site could really be up your alley. It seems to be an online ezine. Each "issue" features a particular wrestler in some cool photos and a bit about him. Apparently, this site has been existence for quite some time as the archives section is massive. The layout is a bit amateurish but perhaps that's par for the course. Just so you know, this is not based around olympic wresting. It's the "fake" kind. You won't see any WWF dudes here or anything though. At least, not from what I can tell. If you go to "Alpha Index" you'll see past issues listed alphabetically. They appear to be listed by holds like "Bear Hug", "Camel Clutch" and the like. It's hard to tell whether or not this site is created by your webmaster (who goes by Man Of 1000 Holds), as a sexual fetish or if he is a serious amateur wrestling fan. More than likely both I guess. I do know one thing for sure. For those who really get off on men engaged in close grappling while sweating in wrestling singlets and boots, this place will give you a major woody. Some of these dudes are pretty hot.

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