WOWWOW.ME is a very straightforward website, devoted to the very newest trends in fashion, entertainment and with a nicely-focused vision which features the hottest male models in the Galaxy. The fact is, they pull this off magnificently, providing us with updated and juicy tidbits of entertainment lore, gossip and inside items regarding entertainment in general. But I also have to believe the primary interest of this tres chic magazine-like website is in the gorgeous and riveting displays of the beautiful male models. Leon Sanli and his cohort editor 'Pantelis' are both accomplished figures in the trades of photography and graphic art, so one could assume a product of their combined interests would produce something this elegant and as arousing at the same time. Under the "Models" section to the left of the Home Page, there scrolls Gold, my friends. Hotter than hot, elegant beyond measure, these are stunning, handsome, "ready" guys, apparently breathing and smiling at just us, right before our eyes, and posed in fascinating fashion by the world's most intelligent photographers. Very hot work, you guys. Damn, you're good.

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