Care To Fund An Electric Sex Toy!?

Nowadays it seems like there's a lame crowdsourcing campaign for everything from a Brent Corrigan sugar daddy app to...sorry, we can't think of another example more lame than that. That's why it was interesting to hear about a new project that's attempting to raise $45K through indiegogo for the production of an electric sex toy for men. The "pleasure device," which is known as Autoblow 2, is billed as the first hands-free masturbator. According to creator Brian Sloan, it's built with "the quality of a kitchen appliance rather than a toy." In other words, it's like a Fleshjack with a motor! It comes with removable sleeves of different sizes, runs at three speeds (extra fast for when you have to get up early for work the next day) and plugs into any electrical outlet (and offers 1,000 hours of jacking fun. Ouch!).

Sloan is the designer of popular sex toys such as Mangasm and Ladygasm, and he's spent the past three years perfecting what he believes is the ideal jack-off tool for guys. He claims this new incarnation of Autoblow gives "exceptionally realistic pleasure. You can truly feel the difference." Now he just needs that pesky cash to complete the project. He hopes to have the toy on store shelves (and on your dick) by this summer. To hear his pitch, watch the video below. Then you can decide if you want to fund a "realistic robotic oral sex simulator for men." For more information, click here.

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