Jacob is a local guy who was interested in doing a shoot for Epic Men. He's 20 years old, and although he's done some modeling, it's all mainstream stuff - he's never done porn or nude stuff. Jacob lived four hours from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the shoot was to take place. Since the drive was so long, the crew weren't very confident that Jacob would actually show up at the studio but he surprised them. And was he glad he did - because he got to work with 26 year old Anthony, who just LOVED Jacob's cock! In fact, he could barely keep his hands off of it...

Jacob and Anthony started out by getting acquainted. As you can see, they had great chemistry and were touching and teasing each other almost immediately.


After getting each other hard and horny as hell, they wanted to fuck - and fuck they did! It appears that both Anthony and Jacob feel that condoms do nothing but get in the way, beacuse they went at it bareback!


And as a grand finale, both guys finished themselves off, stroking those cocks for the camera with no inhibitions at all. The Epic Men cameras kept shooting as Anthony and Jacob jerked their dicks till they were ready to shoot their hot, creamy loads!


It's obvious after looking at these pics that Jacob felt doing this shoot was well worth the 4 hour drive!

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