Now here's an interesting resource indeed. How often do you run across a site, or any knowledge medium which tells the true story and history about male to male love? I don't know of too many. The front page gives us an interesting perspective comparing sexual history written by the victors to what really might be the truth. There are some images and painting from human history which some believe to be two men or two women and not a man and a woman. As we all know, some of these portraits are so ambiguous gender-wise, that it can be hard to tell. Our main menu is atop each page, where things like "Homosexual Traditions", "Gay History & Mythology", "Homoerotic Art", and a "Forum" are available. The site can be translated into many languages for those who don't do English so well, and the site design is both easy on the eyes and put together well. It certainly evokes what it needs to when it comes to representing the subject of Gay Art History. Great and informative site.

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