Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality Workplace Fantasy Becomes Reality

In any workplace we all have crushes on certain co-workers. The worst is when the colleague is straight. Which is akin to forbidden fruit. You can only fantasize what your crush is like in bed. It is torture watching him everyday. That bulge in his trousers, which you would give anything to service.

Denis Vega was able to make his fantasy a reality. For a long time he has lusted after his very straight co-worker Caleb Roca. One day Caleb waltzed into Denis office all hot and bothered. He had just come from a meeting with a very sexy female co-worker. He was sporting an erection that was on the verge of bursting through his pants. How will he ever get any relief?

Denis offers to give Caleb a hand, wasting no time in unzipping Caleb's pants. Then devouring Caleb's huge uncut cock. At first Caleb was a bit leery accepting oral from a gay guy. He got over it quickly as the wonderful sensation of being sucked off begins to overpower him.

Coming up for air, Denis asks for something in return. He wants to feel Caleb straight cock up his gay ass. It takes Caleb a second before he says what the hell? I've gone this far, why not all the way. Pretty soon Denis is getting pounded by Caleb straight man cock. Fucking him deep and hard. Eventually both men explode in a wet and heavy load of cum. Getting fucked by a straight co-worker, that is one thing off Denis bucket list.

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