Twin brothers Carl and Greg have done shoots for Buk Buddies since they were 19 years old, which was 5 years ago. During that time, they've both done solo shoots and even a shoot featuring both of them called "Horny Hick Brothers". The guys are not only twin brothers - although not identical twins - they're friends and workout partners, so Buk Buddies figured why not do a shoot focusing on that this time. You can see the very special bond in the first pic here - as they're working out Greg and Carl's eyes meet and you would almost think the two are lovers.

Carl and Greg sweat through their workout as they take turns spotting for each other. I love watching as these two move those weights and pump up their muscles.


After a while the guys are feeling pretty comfortabgle with each other and with the cameraman. The camera has been capturing every rep and drop of sweat and then the photographer decides to turn up the heat...


A dare gets the twins to strip off their clothes. Next thing you know, the photographer - and we - are treated to a naked workout!


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