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These are, perhaps, more glamorized images of workplace sex. But it seems the workers at Pizza Hut and Olive Garden tend not to be shutterbugs. Plus not too many desks for them to fuck upon. Mainly just tables. And patrons tend to complain when there's a dick in their soup.

Office sex is more about being behind closed doors, unless you have a home office, then hell, invite the hunky neighbor to join in. And the mailman. And the Amazon Fresh driver. He'll have plenty of time to deliver all that overpriced food after.

Have you ever had sex at your workplace? And I'm not talking jacking out a load in the toi-toi. But I will give you office sex credit if you squirt solo into a potted plant, say when you're the last one there one night and you feel it would be wrong to browse porn at work but you feel it would be oh so right to drop a load on a fern.

With folks spending so much of their time at work, it can be a reasonable place to make new anal/oral friends, though one has to tread carefully or run afoul of workplace legalities. Probably don't fuck around with your boss or underling. Though that power dynamic is kind of the whole point. Oh well, do whatever you want, including role playing the whole thing at home instead.

But if your hot boss invites you to play racquetball or whatever would bring you to a gym together, take him up on it. And make sure to get a locker right by his. Keep up the conversation while sneaking looks at as much nudity as he gives you. And make sure to have a full erection the whole time. And drip too. He'll be flattered. But whatever you do, let him win at racquetball, otherwise he'll fire you the next day. Or maybe he'll fire you for the erection. Or maybe he'll give you a promotion for the erection. Sex at work is risk no matter what. And that's kind of the point.

Or just skip all that drama and get an intern. Or be one. Pro tip: swallow!

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