Woolf & Wilde

Woolf & Wilde is a personal site to take seriously. Kenneth Hill is the author of the blog and he shares with us a particular passion. And that is? It's for vintage photographs of men (and sometimes women) together, and these are found and displayed alongside classic poetry. Hill says that he adds the words to reflect what, in his mind, the couples were thinking or feeling when the photos were taken. For me the site is wonderful enough just for the photos alone. Some vary rare shots from as far back as 1880, and coming up to the 1950's. But don't think pornographic or even erotic, these are simply couples where it's pretty clear from the image that the two guys were in love, and in those 'old days' that was a pretty unusual thing to have photographed. Of course, you could argue that these are just two friends, and that was probably often the cover story, but then you read the poems the Hill has supplied with them and you know the truth. This is, quite simply, a beautiful site and my only regret is that it has not been updated very regularly.

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