The subject of cock size in porn is obviously not a revolutionary one, and a year or two ago, I wouldn't have thought of anything to comment upon regarding this subject. But over the last year in visiting many a gay porn site and armfuls of DVDs, I have discovered a significant change in cocksmanship that I fear is getting worse. The change is blunt: dicks are getting smaller in gay porn. Of course, there are still plenty of monster schlongs in porn and there always will be, and let's face it, that's what we wanna see. As I've said before, nothing about porn should be average. Average is daily life.

Porn is supposed to be exaggerated fantasy, the way we would like things to be as opposed to the way they truly are. Keeping this in mind, I fail to understand this growing problem of shrinkage in porn.

If you think back to the glory days of gay porn and even up until a just a few years ago, nearly every dick was above average. They weren't necessarily 12-inchers, but most of them were quite enormous and photogenic. And, if you've got a dick that looks really good on camera, a 7-incher can appear like a 10-incher with proper lighting and camera work. Rarely did you see a tiny little dingus except perhaps on a bottom boy whose sole purpose was to get fucked until his ass bled. What I have noticed in the past year or two, especially on gay porn sites producing original material, is that there are a lot of average and even below average dicks being exposed on video. The bodies and faces attached to them may be pretty, but I gotta tell ya, some of these dicks are just plain icky.

I can think of at least five Web sites that I saw recently in which a significant percentage of the models had dicks that were either way below average or that simply did not look good on camera. I saw a clip yesterday of this gorgeous little hottie with a smooth body and a great smile, but he had this gross little wee-wee that was really not attractive to watch. From a producer's perspective, I would not have selected that model to use. The moment I saw that nappy wiener, I woulda kicked him to the curb. More and more I am seeing vids like this in which the model has some good qualities, but his dick is not porn quality. Why is this happening?

Consider some of the best gay porn sites that have been around for some time and who focus on masculine studs with big dicks. On many of these sites, you will not find small dicks. The producers are committed to finding only the best they can, and I suspect they have a measurement prerequisite, kind of like those 'you must be at least 4 feet tall' signs at amusement park rides. On other sites who used to follow this rule, I am seeing a steady decline in quality. When there are so many wonderful cuties out there just waiting to be exposed, I fail to understand why a producer would shoot models who don't measure up. They can't possibly believe that we're tired of seeing hung studs and would also like to see little dicks. I'm not sure what they were smoking when they reached that ridiculous conclusion. We as viewers are not interested in anything average, are we?

This problem is likely stemming from the usual causes: lazy cheapskates. Producers are spotting a pretty model with a nice bod, and once the clothes come off and they see that child's pee-wee, they've already got the camera rolling and they're ready to shoot a vid. They're not interested in calling it off because that would mean more time in looking for another model. I do not agree with this approach. If you properly screen a model in advance of the shoot, then you'll know if what you're getting is going to be adequate. If you commence a shoot and the model is not effective, then turn the fucking camera off and move on!

Another angle that makes me wonder is the increasing use of Euro boy models on American Web sites. For example, there is a Web site that updates weekly with about six videos. Out of those six, three of them are short knock-offs of Euro boys jacking off. While many of these boys are cute and sweet, a lot of them really have non-photogenic penises and deliver less than adequate cum shots. I do not mean to say that Euro boys have little dicks, because we all know that ain't true! Some of the hottest boys in the world are European and God bless them! What I'm saying is that a lot of these models in quick, cheap vids are not porn star material. The truth is that American porn producers frequently purchase content from European videographers because it is way, way cheaper to do so. You can take the cost of hiring an American model and chop it in half and that's about what you'd pay for Euro content because of the vast differences in economy. Naturally then, whether the content is good or not, American producers have a lot of incentive to buy cheap Euro content. I can understand this sort of economical practicality, but nevertheless, it seems that whether the models are American, European or Martian, they should look good on camera, have pretty penises, and shoot cum when they have an orgasm rather than just burp out a couple of globs.

I will be interested to see where this trend goes. When porn was strictly professional and marketing was an important factor, the dicks were always big and looked like a million bucks on camera. Now that porn is more amateur than professional, some of these self-made producers really know very little about marketing and sizing up a product (pun intended) to meet the audience's expectations. This editorial was not intended to offend people with little dicks. There's a place in the world for every dick, big or small, but the small ones shouldn't be in porn. It's far more compelling on screen to watch a guy eat a Kielbasa rather than a Vienna sausage, know whut I mean?



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