"Willy's Boys - Where it's ok to be gay." Well now that's a welcome greeting eh? What a nice looking site. All these blogs coming out featuring such good looking men. It's apt to make one jaded if you're not careful. Of course, the hunks here could give a dead man a hardon. For those who appreciate art in the form of nude modelling - with a little peek here and there of a man's most private areas - you will have nothing but a blast here. Each introduction post takes you to more pictures of some of the hottest men on two legs. You'll also find some background info on each stud if it is available. The second most recent blog takes you to a link of military collections. Images of men in uniform - showing nudity or not - along with some pretty informative facts and such. I get a kick out of the morphed Vietnam War memorial where the "soldiers" holding up the flag appear a little more on the gay side as opposed to the original ones. Pretty nice blog with some very nice looking men.

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