Who better to teach the intricacies of bottoming than a drag queen!? That's exactly what former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Willam Belli attempts to do in her new video, Hole On My Pole/Bottoming 101. The singing drag star has teamed up with Next Door Studios for this music video that also functions as an instructional film. And if the idea of seeing a "woman" explain the ins and outs of anal doesn't appeal to you, well, luckily some of Next Door's hottest models are along for the ride.

Studio exclusives Jaxon Colt, Austin Storm, Dante Martin, Slate Steele, Cole Christiansen and Brandon Bronco cavort along with Belli. Too bad the song sounds like an Aerosmith reject, and Belli looks like she's channeling an even trashier version of late '90s Britney Spears. As for the advice that she dispenses? You would probably be better off listening to the insufferable Dan Savage. But hey, the whole thing is really just a teaser for a hot threeway featuring Jaxon, Austin and Dante premiering this week. And we'll never argue with that! For more information, visit Next Door Buddies.

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