While most of us like to see the hardcore animalistic hardcore ass pounding and semen swilling, sometimes it's nice to just check out a couple of dudes making love. Will and Brett are a real-life couple and when asked to do a shoot for English Lads to showcase their deep adoration for one another, they jumped at the chance. What we'll see here are two very sexy, very much in love guys who know exactly how to make each other tick. And cum.


Some hot tongue tangling starts things off for us coupled with some rod stroking. Brett's uncut head just peaks up tauntily above the picture's bottom edge. Man that's hot. The fact that it's teasing us as well as the fact that it's uncut. I'm a real sucker for hoods. Get it? He He.


Remember when you were young and you could blow a load and then get hardon about 5 minutes later? Or even not even lose your woody? It looks as though Brett may have already let go of some sweet man nectar. Mmmm.


There's the picture right there. I just love this shot. After all that foreplay you and your partner eventually have to end up with some penetration. It just finishes things off so perfectly. Will looks as though he's pretty deep inside his lover Brett. So nice. English Lads pick the cutest boys and the ones they do choose know how to put on a great show. Especially this one as it all came so naturally to them being partners.

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