Some of the most popular websites on the internet are sites that specialize in college boys. A lot of these guys are not only in college, but they are also straight. While thre are a lot of so-called college sites out there, sites like Corbin Fisher, Frat Men and Straight College Men are just a few of the sites that have carved out a niche for themselves by using actual college guys in their videos.

It's not so hard to understand. College boys are usually between 18 and 22. They're at the peak of their physical perfection and the height of their sexuality which basically means that they're still young enough to be willing to experiment and they're always horny. That's good enough for me! But another thing about guys in college is they're not quite ready to settle down. College guys are always ready to do something crazy or act wild. Look at frat guys - they'll do anything for a good time. And that's sexy.

Let's face it - a lot of us have settled down by the time we're 30. We have jobs and responsibilities. But in college, it's our last chance to do anything we want - as long as we can pass the finals. It's also a time when a lot of guys find themselves with other guys the same age. There are dorms, gyms, frat houses and lots of other sometimes intimate situations where guys may find themselves with other guys. One thing can certainly lead to another here - at least that's what so many of us fantasize about.

What's more, in dorm and frat house situations guys have a tendancy to be a lot closer than one usually is with other men. There's a much better chance of seeing each other naked when one shares a bathroom with 9 other guys. And anything might happen when a party of drinking frat boys get together - anything at all.

College guys are not only young, usually fit and always horny - they're often sexually open and ready to try new things once... things like jacking off for a video just to see what it's like. They are the straight boy, jock and twink fantasies all rolled into one - there's no one quite like College boys!

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