There's something about seeing real amateur guys in porn videos. Pornstars and models like Mark Wolff are fun, sexy and exciting but give me a real guy any day - someone I might see at the store or driving his car or at a bar. Amateur guys don't have perfect bodies, flawless hair or giant pornstar dicks, but they have something else. Amateur sites mean that any guy you see might be accessible - the checkout guy or the guy who fixes your car could actually be naked on a website. How cool is that?

Of course there are two different basic types of amateur websites - solo sites like Next Door Male and Circle Jerk Boys and amateur sites with hardcore sex like Amateur Canadian Guys and Pat and Sam. Which you like better depends on your personal tastes - I like watching regular guys next door masturbating but seeing a guy give his first blowjob on video is pretty hot.

You may have seen some fake amateur sites around - sites where they say the guys are amateur but they're guys you've seen around on lots of other sites like Cum On Boys. I guess that brings up the question "When is an amateur no longer an amateur?" I used Cum On Boys as an example because my friend is a photographer in Montreal who has actually shot some of the guys on that site - several times. And he wasn't the first.

I think amateurs are only amateurs their first time or two on video. When a guy has been paid 10 times for jacking off in front of a camera, he's no longer an amateur. He's getting paid regularly - give me guys who are real first-timers! I want to see college guys, truckers, waiters as they nervously approach their first time being naked in front of a camcorder and a camera guy. That's hot! Or a man doing his very first gay porn shoot with a partner he's just met. Yum!

You can't beat watching guys who are actually doing a video because they're horny and like the idea of being watched, or because they want to see what it feels like to be in porn. They bring life, fun and old-fashioned horniness to movies better than any experienced porn actors. And it never hurts that there's a chance you'll get to see your next door neighbor or the guy from acting class naked!

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