You know it is funny, I guess, but why do we assume we are entitled to things?

Like when you join a website, and download the pictures and videos, do we assume we are entitled to watch them no matter what? I mean we sign up, then cancel after a month, but figure we should be able to watch the stuff we downloaded for eternity. Specially when it comes to Videos?

I never understood this concept, that by joining a site we assume we own the stuff made available at the time. Like if we join a Gym, do we figure we own the Gym Equipment, or are just 'renting' it?

It really is no different than when we go to a video rental outfit, we don't figure we are somehow entitled to keep watching the video long after the rental period has expired. In fact we get dinged for extra days, if we don't return it on time. So why do we assume we should be able to download videos, and watch them for eternity?

Not like we paid for them, or there is no way that membership would be as low as they are for some sites.

Then there is the whole sharing of information with our friends. Now we pay the money to join, but heck we are friends with Sam over there in California, so we send him our username and password, and then get miffed when our membership is cancelled. Like what did we expect?

In some ways it is like, well we paid for it, so we can do what we want mentality, but did we BUY IT, or did we just RENT IT?

When I join a site, it gives me perks. It lets me see stuff I want to see, but only as long as I am paying. Not like the Exclusive Golf Club will let you play a round of golf if you haven't paid your dues or kept up your membership, simply because well, back in 1999 you were a member.

So why do we assume that when we join a membership site, we are entitled to keep on playing?

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