Ever notice something? Almost everyone loves guys with washboard abs. Some prefer deep ridges around the midsection while others like a guy with more subtle muscles. But guys with abs are not only hot in porn and nude models - we're beginning to see them in TV ads and they've been appearing in magazines and on billboards for some time now. It's almost as if advertising has discovered male softcore porn!

While Abercrombie did a lot to put toned males with great abs and a certain look on our "most wanted" list, it didn't take much to get them there. Only guys who have low bodyfat and are not only toned but fairly muscular have the classic washboard abs look. This translates to active, healthy men who are motivated about their appearance.

For lovers of fit, lean and muscular men who aren't necessarily full-on bodybuilders, sites like Shane Sixty and Fratmen have the kind of guys who aren't huge but still have the look. They're the kind of men you see at the beach, the gym or maybe climbing rocks or surfing.


Sure, there are sites like Power Men and Muscle Worship that feature huge bodybuilders, all of whom sport deep grooves around their midsection. And don't get me wrong here - I love a great big muscle man. But not everyone does, while almost everyone who isn't into chubs and bears pays attention when a man with a scuplted midsection shows his physique.

Whether they're bodybuilders, jocks or good looking men who spend time in the gym, there's nothing quite as sexy as a guy with rock hard abs, a great smile and a hard cock!

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