Ever wonder why all the guys in amateur sites decided to go for it and do a porn movie? Sure, most of us have had a fantasy about jacking off in front of another person - or a camera. Lots of guys also fantasize about fucking another guy on video. But most of us don't go for it. So what makes some guys - the guys we see in amateur sites - decide to show their stuff on camera?

ben-cooper_brokestraightboys.jpg Some sites, like Corbin Fisher, are known to pay very good money for photo shoots. They know how to make a guy look good, as well, so if a guy is thinking about a nude modeling career, he will be working on a site known to attract the cream of the crop.

Then there's good old money Some guys are interested because they need cash - and, as Uncle Don says in a lot of videos from The Body Shoppe, there's nothing wrong with that.

Sites like Broke Straight Boys find basically straight guys and convince them not only to get naked but, bit by bit, convince them to try another guy. And often, it's all in the name of cash - or so the models tell themselves. Looks to me like these guys don't want to admit how horny they really get with another guy in front of a camera!

A lot of amateur guys do porn for the thrill. I have friends who shoot amateur guys they find at local colleges and around town.

Travis_corbinfisher.jpg These guys say they want to jack off for a video for the experience - to see what it's like. A lot of them are really horny and usually do just one video and never model again. A few discover they love the idea of people all over the world seeing their hard cock and they often do videos for several companies.

And don't forget that a lot of amateur sites have forms so potential amateur models can get in touch with the producers to do their very first shoot.

One thing for sure - whether they're nervous and shy or horny and ready to get stroking, there's something honest, real and very sexy about those real first-time amateurs!

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