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Ulysse is a hot and hairy construction worker who has been hauled into the boss's office. It seems that Ulysse has been talking trash about the boss and some of the other men. And now, as his boss, Cristian, confronts him, Ulysse is starting to squirm. As first he denies it, but then he sees his boss has him cornered. The hairy man has two choices: lose his job or get down on his knees and suck for forgiveness. Cristian doesn't give him a whole lot of choice. The foreman grabs Ulysse by the back of the head and forces him to his knees. After polishing up the boss's shoes with his tongue, Ulysse is then force fed his boss's dick. But within a couple of minutes the dark-eyed, bald hunk is begging for Cristian's dick. Slobbering all over the foreman's fat, uncut cock, Ulysse is further humiliated and forced to answer his boss's questions. "Why do you want my cock?" Cristian asks. "Because you're the boss," Ulysse pleads. After a long and very wet blowjob, Ulysse is bent over the table and Cristian drills home why he's the boss. And this is how the masculine men of Butch Dixon fuck, head over there and check out the free video preview.

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