This topic will probably seem trite to most of you, but I know that at least a handful of porn connoisseurs will relate to this subject of frustration. If you're looking for a subject of deep pornographic importance, spare yourself from reading this. To the rest of you' what's in a name, I ask you? Logic dictates that people or objects are given names for the purpose of identification. If a banana wasn't called a banana and an orange wasn't called an orange, how would you know which was which? What if all fruit was simply just called fruit? Surely the world would cease to exist if things weren't catalogued, labeled and defined for distinction. Not quite, and in fact, we over-label things. But on the subject of porn, I find it really difficult to keep track of who's who when names are constantly changing.

Porn stars from yesteryear usually had the same consistent names throughout their careers, with occasional exception. Rick Donovan, as far as I know, remained Rick Donovan without variation. The same was true for Scott Taylor or Al Parker or Kip Noll or Lee Ryder. You always knew who was who, and this is certainly helpful when you're trying to track down all the performances of a specific star. You wanna get everything that Nick Jarrett ever appeared in? You look him up in all known porn directories, and you'll get yourself a nice list of vids to track down. You would do the same if you were a fan of the mainstream film and stage actor Ian McKellen. There's only one of him with one name, so you can easily get all the information you want about him. But now I ask you, how in the fuck are you supposed to do that with today's porn stars?

In the modern porn world, both Internet-based and DVD-based, porn star names seem to shift with the wind. While it's true that there are still plenty of performers who use one name throughout their careers, there are many, many more who do not. It can be really difficult to find all of the performances of a particular star because he could be listed under multiple names, some of which you may not be aware of. This identity crisis really runs rampant with online porn. A cute little number named 'Bobby' on one site might show up a few months later on another site as 'Jimmy', and then later as 'Robbie'. Well, for those who seriously collect porn of their favorite boys, how in the hell are they gonna get everything? Yeah, to the average porn watcher, this is a non-issue. But to people who write about porn or who avidly watch it, it's a goddamn problem indeed.

The reason this often happens is because a model isn't sure what he wants to be called initially, so he changes his mind next time, or a producer changes it for him, and so forth. Many performers don't anticipate doing more than one vid, so they don't think too heavily about their stage names. This is no skin off anybody's ass except the audience members who care about identities. Example: I'm a major diehard Brent Corrigan fan, so a while back I was determined to get my hands on everything he's ever done. I was proud of myself in having tracked it all down with exception of a couple of vids that were yanked off the market due to a legal conflict. But low and behold, one afternoon while I was surfing a porn DVD site, I saw Brent's picture on the cover of a vid that was not produced by Cobra (to whom he was exclusive for quite a while). His name was listed as Fox Ryder in this vid. Aside from the name being completely mismatched for his look and personality, I was annoyed that somebody (probably that chump director LaRue) felt compelled to change his name. Am I whining about something insignificant in the grand scheme of life? Hell yeah, but there it is. I would simply like to see more consistency of identification so we can follow careers and remain loyal to our favorites. To those for which porn is a way of life, these kinds of issues matter.

This name game will probably never change, but I thought I would mention it for those of you who are amassing the world's biggest porn collection on your PCs. And hey, if you're a Brent Corrigan fan, I just gave you a good tip about a video he did under another name! I figure if porn stars of the past didn't change their names every day, why do modern stars have to do it? Make up your freakin' minds and let us know who you are, huh? This is Stiffy McDickerson signing off (see me next week billed as John Johnsonheimer).



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