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There's nothing sexier than a man of mystery. A guy who reveals himself slowly...or not at all. Knowing how to dance the dance of intrigue can be a big advantage in life and love. So imagine how exciting a site dedicated to athletic young guys having sex in masks can be--or creepy! It depends how you look at it. The Masquerade Men site is a fresh concept in gay porn. Most of its models are new to the porn world and want the fantasy of on-screen sex without the burden of family and friends seeing them do the nasty. There are more than 50 scenes currently available for streaming or download, and the site is updated weekly. The pics you see here feature muscle studs Bryce and Trey, but the site offers all types of models doing solos and duos. Masquerade Men has even started unmasking some of its contributors. So this site isn't just for lame pussies in, or for men of mystery! For more information, visit Masquerade Men.

Masked Men 2

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